Outschool Enters the Tutoring Market and Introduces New AI Teaching Assistant

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 12:51pm UTC

Outschool Enters the Tutoring Market and Introduces New AI Teaching Assistant

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With an emphasis on flexible, high-quality one-on-one tutoring, Outschool is providing an easy way for parents to support their children's academic and interest-based education

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading online learning platform Outschool is launching dedicated tutoring offerings to help families find flexible, high-quality online tutors. Since its inception in 2015, Outschool has provided well over a million learners with live, small-group classes online for both academic and interest-based education. With a new focus on tutoring, Outschool aims to help parents looking for individualized attention for their learners with vetted educators.

"It has been a challenge for parents and teachers to help students to close learning gaps after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many parents also just want to help their children excel academically or with their passion.

"Outschool is known for making learning fun and engaging. Even algebra and geometry can be fun with the right approach. One-on-one tutoring is a powerful tool for parents to get their children the academic support they may need," said Amir Nathoo, CEO and Co-founder of Outschool.

"While Outschool has offered some one-on-one classes in the past it has not truly been an emphasis for us. We are now responding to a need in the marketplace by offering flexible and quality tutoring classes at a time when it is so desperately needed."

Recent studies and test results nationally in the United States have demonstrated a decline in academic progress. Standardized testing for students in math reached their lowest levels in decades. And on average, "students need the equivalent of an additional 4.5 months of instruction in math, and an extra four months in reading to catch up to the typical pre-pandemic student."

In addition to a dedicated focus on tutoring, Outschool is rolling out its first AI Teaching Assistant (AI TA) for tutoring classes. The tool is designed to help teachers and parents keep track of a child's learnings and progress. Teachers that elect to use the AI TA will be given prompts after each tutoring session and with the help of the AI TA a report will be generated and delivered to parents.

"It is not uncommon for parents to ask kids how their sessions went and hear generic responses such as 'fine,' 'great,' 'good,' 'fun.' Parents want timely feedback and visibility into their child's progress during tutoring sessions," said Jim Blomo, Head of Product and Engineering at Outschool.

"Our priority is making sure that tutors have as much valuable face time with learners as possible to help them reach their goals. The AI TA is designed to help our tutors, who only work with one student at a time, to cut down on the administrative work in the window they have between students. As AI becomes ubiquitous, Outschool wants to ensure we are creating quality tools with the latest technology that support our community and enhance what we know is most important: the relationship between the teacher and learner."

Outschool's tutoring classes are customized and designed to fit each learner's goals, schedule and family budget. Tutoring on Outschool has no minimum commitments, contracts, or sales calls, making it easier for families to find the right fit and schedule sessions with experienced educators. The platform boasts over 4,000 tutors with five star reviews in subjects as broad as English, reading, writing and math to instrument and vocal lessons and art.

About Outschool 
Outschool offers live online education experiences that connect real-life teachers with learners in small-group settings to explore everything from Minecraft, Pokemon and Cooking to Chemistry, Algebra and Literature. With over 100,000 online classes offered by teachers to learners around the globe, Outschool helps supplement what is often missing from a more traditional education. Outschool's mission is to inspire kids to love learning by making education fun, social and self-directed. Classes on Outschool range from one-time enrichment lessons to semester-long core courses and weekly social clubs. Classes are offered across all subjects, and learners range from age 3 to 18. More information can be found at Outschool.com.

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